Frequently Asked Questions

Web hosting is the way of introducing an internet site on a server and making it available to everyone on the net, or in other words, making the website "live." Web hosting is the process of keeping vital site data on servers for quicker access, equivalent to the role of e-commerce warehouses. There are other styles of hosting available, but shared hosting is one of the foremost popular. Users can pool resources on the server and share them. Most hosting companies offer adequate services, but as your website grows, it'll demand more resources.

Shared Hosting: Many websites are hosted on one server using shared hosting, with each receiving some certain space for storing and resources. These are ideal for beginners since they're less costly and easier to use if you do not have plenty of cash to spend on hosting.

For hosting one website, cloud hosting makes use of multiple linked servers. the information is kept on a variety of various servers. this is often beneficial since your website will remain operational whether or not one of the servers fails.

A virtual private server, as the name implies, is a virtual replication of a dedicated server that will be utilized in combination with a shared server. It's useful when a shared server isn't sufficiently big but a dedicated server isn't needed yet.

Dedicated hosting, as the term suggests, gives you one server with all of your data and resources, instead of sharing them with others. For security reasons, they're more reputable and stable because there's no possibility of information exchange.

Your website includes both public and personal databases, additionally with publicly available data and files. Web hosting companies keep this vital information on shared or dedicated servers, looking at your needs. When you sign up to use Hostiera for your website, your website's data is kept on Hostiera's servers. you've got full autonomy over what proportion of data you would like to disclose and whether it should be public or private to users.

When you establish a website, you wish the whole world to be ready to view and use it. this is not achievable without hosting. You'll have a server that will store all of your content and make it accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere on the entire globe. this will be done using third-party servers, but it's not recommended if you're completely new to it. It's preferable to use hosting service providers. Hostiera will be your time-saver.

Our customer service team is our dignity and delight at Hostiera. Our customer success team is termed for the very fact that we go above and beyond to confirm the success of our customers' online projects. So, if you're having trouble, do not be reluctant to seek assistance. We'll do all we will to assist you to address any concerns and direct you in the right direction. We respond quickly and comprehensively, and we don't stop until we've found an answer.

A domain may be a website's name, or more accurately, an address to a website's file. after you type a URL into your browser, it searches the domain for the address of the online hosting and so displays all of the contents stored on the server.

VPS stands for virtual private server and maybe a combination of shared hosting and dedicated server technologies. If you wish to avoid wasting money while growing your website, this is often a decent option. On the opposite hand, shared hosting involves sharing a server and its resources with other websites or users. VPS is shared hosting with the addition of a virtual dedicated server that's not physically present but performs identical functions.

All of our VPS hosting services are safely segmented by specific software, ensuring the highest level of security. For security, you will also be secured by various software and custom-built technologies.

A dedicated IP address is included with all VPS hosting options. In addition, the ease of accessing your website directly through FTP, creating a domain-based email account that won't be mistaken for spam, and more advanced security measures are provided to users using VPS.

Yes, customized applications may be installed on your private server. We provide you complete control over your website and server; you may use whatever software you like as long as it does not exceed your server's memory allotment or needs you to update your server; otherwise, operating such software would be troublesome.

If shared hosting no longer meets your needs and a dedicated server is too resource-intensive, you may switch to VPS hosting. Then, after getting some knowledge and expertise in operating VPS, you can upgrade to it.

Upgrading to a higher plan was never this simple. If you want to upgrade to a higher plan from your VPS, upgrade from the account section of your dashboard. Up gradation will be complete within a few minutes without requiring you to shut down your website for maintenance.

If the monthly bandwidth limit is exceeded, the network speed will be reduced to a minimum until the limit is reset.

Backup services are available through Hostiera, and your plan is automatically updated every week. Every fresh backup overwrites the previous one and saves the new one.

When your website is growing and you have a large number of people enrolled on it, it is critical to protect their data as well as your own website data. Spamming is possible, and your domain might be stolen or hijacked. It is necessary to use privacy and protection, but when you should do so is entirely up to you. In general, beginners do not require this, but as an established business, you should because you are liable for your consumers' data.

Transfer domains from other domain registrars to Hostiera in just a few steps:

1. Open the domain transfer tool and enter the domain name you want to transfer.

2. Complete the payment process and enter the EPP code obtained from your current domain registrar.

3. Once the transfer is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.

It’s done – the procedure is truly that easy.

If your favored top-level domain has already been registered, use a WHOIS search tool to look for the current owner’s contact information and offer to buy the name from them. Or, you can wait till the domain ownership expires and purchase it.

However, the most efficient strategy is probably to come up with a new name. Brainstorm creative ways to use your brand name or search other domain extensions available in the top-level domain list, like .net, .store, etc.

A professional domain name that you can manage easily with our control panel. You’ll also gain access to our 24/7 customer support team.

To renew an SSL certificate manually, you must generate a new certificate signing request (CSR), fill out the form, and install the latest version.

You won’t need to do it manually, as we offer the automatic renewal feature.

Hostiera is a Web Hosting Company based in New Delhi, India

You can move your website to our Hostiera servers if you wish to. this can be something that we strongly promote. Switching is convenient and easy if your website utilizes mainstream and popular content management systems. If that's not the case, we are going to give full support to form the shift as smooth as possible.

Yes, this is often certainly possible. you'll be able to just buy a website from other domain providers so it connects to your Hostiera server otherwise you can just transfer your existing domain and website to our server. If you would like to try and do so just contact our customer assisting team for help.

Yes, you will use the Hostiera board or Panel to manage your hosting plan or plans. Using Panel, you'll be able to monitor and control all of your website data on Hostiera. It is the control centre for all data monitoring on your server.

On Hostiera, upgrading from a base plan to the next one is simple. you're not required to pack up your website during the upgrading. During the upgrade, the website remains operational and there's no inconvenience to your online traffic.

WordPress could be a content management system and website builder, but it's not designed to host website data. It necessitates the acquisition of WordPress hosting services to host your website on a server. Instead, for better server data management, you'll be able to use Hostiera's hosting services.

Domain pointing could be a method of connecting a website name to web hosting. It's an easy method of directing the domain's connection to the hosting provider's servers. For Hostiera name servers, you'll apply the identical method.

Yes, Hostiera offers a custom-built solution that makes it simple to put in as many applications as you wish on your website. Our auto-installer saves you time while allowing you to test out numerous scripts for your website and choose which of them are best for your powerful hosting needs.

To utilise Hostiera's web hosting services, you do not need lots of technical skills. Our programme is meant to create things as simple as possible for even the most inexperienced users. Due to the simplicity provided, even the foremost difficult jobs could also be completed in minutes.

When WordPress first became popular, it was only used for blogs. However, it grew to be utilized for nearly all sorts of websites over time. It provides additional plugins and software and its built-in functionalities to assist you in satisfying your demands for your websites.

WordPress hosting is nothing more than shared Hosting designed specifically to meet the needs and features of WordPress sites. You do not need to install WordPress in addition to your Hosting. Instead, Hostiera will handle all of the environment setup so that you can focus on establishing and expanding your website.

Managed Hosting implies that your hosting provider, Hostiera, will be responsible for the operations and management of the back-end services so that you don't have to.

Web hosting is for all types of websites, whereas WordPress hosting is for WordPress-only sites. While web hosting will work for WordPress sites, you will not benefit from properly optimized websites that adhere to WordPress standards. If you want to develop WordPress sites, WordPress hosting is the way. If you want to create websites using a variety of website-building platforms, choose web hosting or another hosting that best meets your needs.

Your data management and sharing are within your control with a self-managed service. For flexibility and autonomy, Hostiera provides self-managed VPS hosting. However, to use it to its maximum advantage, you may require some technical understanding.

You may use VPS services for your website if you want more flexibility and lower costs. In other words, you get the best of both dedicated server hosting and shared hosting in terms of reliability, stability, freedom, and flexibility. VPS hosting is also less expensive than dedicated server hosting.

Shared hosting is a better alternative for those just getting started with their websites or for smaller projects like blogs or portfolios that don't receive a lot of traffic and don't require a lot of resources for maintenance and background operations.

Hostiera has simplified the complexity of most tasks as a user-friendly UI provider. Still, when we provide you full authority over the working and data of your website, a technical grasp is essential. You can study it through tutorials or with a little training, but you will need some understanding to handle the controls of your website and use it to its greatest capacity.

When we hand over your VPS hosting, you will be solely responsible for making it operate and will have complete control over it. For a deeper comprehension, you might use tutorials to supplement your knowledge. If you still have questions, Hostiera's customer support staff can assist you in resolving your concerns.

Because domain names are designed to be unique, you cannot have many domain names that are the same. As a result, while choosing a domain name for your website, you may encounter difficulty in finding an appropriate accessible domain name. When creating a domain name, check with domain providers to see whether it is available, and then choose the best domain name.

You cannot make any mistakes with your domain name because it will be your identity. It should be short and precise, with just enough keywords to highlight your brand or job. Try not to include any numbers or hyphens, as this will displease the searcher. Also, your domain name should be easy to remember with simple spellings; otherwise, spelling errors will result in incorrect search results being given to the user.

To buy a cheap domain name, look up the perfect name using our domain checker. If it’s available for purchase, add it to your cart and complete the payment at checkout.

Next, enter your contact details in the domain name registration process. After that, you’ll get an email confirmation of your domain ownership.

You can get a good domain for free with our Premium Web Hosting, Business Web Hosting, and WordPress Hosting plans

To see if your website has an SSL certificate, check if the browser’s address bar displays a padlock icon and https:// before your domain name.

Yes, it is. Website security is an important ranking factor for Google.

Your website has a much higher chance of appearing at the top of the search results if it has an SSL certificate.