How to transfer site to Hostiera

Jun 20, 2022

Are you trying to search how to transfer site to Hostiera or find out how to relocate a site to a new WEB HOSTING SERVICE provider? Without destroying anything, creating downtime, or causing any other difficulties? Without a negative impact on your SERP rankings? Transferring your site to a new host may be as scary as any other transfer, especially if you’ve never done it before. It doesn’t have to be that way. With the procedures we’ll provide, you must be able to relocate almost any site to a new server.

If you would want to move your site to HOSTIERA, our technical staff will assist you delightfully. If you already have our plan, all you will have to do is go to our website’s “transfer” section. Then submit a request there. Suppose you wish to move your website manually and it does not utilize MySQL databases. In that case, you will need to upload your data to our server. You can do this with an FTP client. In any other case, you must take the following steps:

Create a backup:

The first and most important step is to generate and store a backup of your website on your PC. If you’ve never migrated a website before, there’s a chance you’ll make a mistake. It may cause the loss of all site data. As a result, make a backup to be safe.

HOSTIERA account:

You may skip this step if you have previously purchased a package and have an account on HOSTIERA. Wish to use it as your web host? If you haven’t already registered with HOSTIERA, establish an account. Now, purchase whatever plan best meets your website’s needs to use our services.

Transfer files and data:

If you have a static website (one without a database), copy everything (.html,.jpg,.mov files) on your previous hosting server. Now transfer these copied items to your new host in the same folder structure. Using an FTP client may complete the transfer rapidly. Moving a dynamic site (with databases) takes a bit more effort. You’ll need to move your databases from your old web host and transfer it to your new web host. Such is the case for a dynamic site that operates on a database (such as MySQL). If you have cPanel, you can perform this step with phpMyAdmin. Use a CMS (for example, WordPress or Joomla). You must install the software on the new web server before loading the database. Some CMSs offer simple transfer capability (for example, WordPress’s import/export functions). You may use that feature to directly transfer data files on the CMS platform.

Check and Troubleshoot:

After you’ve uploaded your files to the new hosting setup, double-check that everything on your website is operating properly. Assets, such as graphics, could be lost. You can lose some files as you relocate your website’s assets from the prior hosting environment. If this occurs, your viewers are likely to get 404 errors. Keep a watch on the 404 records both during and after the transfer. This log notifies you of any broken links or resources that need fixing for your site to function properly.

Pointing domain DNS to HOSTIERA:

You must change your website’s name server to the new web host’s servers at your registrar. Moving your DNS server to the new servers guarantees users reach your site as expected. They won’t encounter an error or redirect. It is an important step, so make sure you have the correct DNS information from your new web server

How to transfer site to Hostiera
Updating NameServer at Hostiera

Verify DNS migration:

Once you’ve asked that your DNS record be moved, the changeover might take some time to go live. Once the transition activates, notify your old hosting firm of the termination. Monitor your site’s uptime for at least a week to confirm that everything after the transfer is functioning properly so in this blog you read about how to transfer site to Hostiera and if you want to read our more blog then please click here.

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