Plesk control panel: 9 amazing features of Plesk

What is a Plesk control panel?

Plesk control panel is a multidisciplinary platform for web hosting. Plesk control panel works on multiple sites through a single dashboard. It was made for commercial web hosting platforms like Linux or Windows.

Plesk control panel is simple to operate you don’t need to have skills to operate the panel. One can easily administer their server on Plesk it is becoming the most go-for control panel for web hosting companies. Plesk gives web hosting the facility to manage multiple or even thousands of virtual hosts in a single server.

It is one of the two most used control panels worldwide. Installed on more than 350.000 servers. Over 15 million mailboxes and 10 million domains are hosted by Plesk. It is available in 140 countries with 32 different languages. More than a million WordPress runs on Plesk.

Plesk control panel

Plesk Control Panel and web hosting

Web hosting is a platform where all the files of your website are stored like images, coding files, and media. Web hosting also has database management, software installation on servers, statistic management, domain management, and file management all these processes are not done directly by web hosting. Web hosting requires tools for this task like a control panel which includes the Plesk control panel. It is becoming the most preferred control panel for webs owner to manage their web server.

How much Plesk control panel cost

From small to medium or up to bigger business Plesk control panel is used by most of them. Its monthly cost starts from $9.19 for up to $13.25 to $14.75, if you want additional features. For this price, web owners might think it is quite pricy and they should manage their web hosting through a direct web server as this will save their money but on the other aspect it will cost their time. So it is quite beneficial for them to use a control panel that will ultimately save their time and allow them to make more money by managing their services in an easy way.

Plesk control panel features

The Plesk control panel has some amazing features. Let’s get straight into it.

1. Domain name management

  • Plesk control panel allow you to manage the different website by organizing the domain name.
  • It protects your domain name from external threats
  • Editing and changing domain names through Plesk is quite easy.
  • If you manage more than one website you can add the domain name in the Plesk control panel and host that website with a second-level domain name.

 2. Plesk control panel’s user interface

  • It provides fine interface features like its dashboard is quite simple and well organized in terms of graphics.
  • You have all the features on the interface that are used for web hosting.
  •  Easy to learn, faster, and well structured.
  •  In the help center, you have video tutorials and full Plesk courses.

3. File management

  • You can easily upload your files on the web hosting platform.
  • You can transfer your files.
  • You can organize and manage your files on the control panel.
  • It is easy to move your file from one folder to other and make new folders if needed.

4. Email management

  • You can easily create professional email accounts on both Plesk.
  • You can set up different email addresses.
  • You can manage your old accounts and monitor your inbox.
  •  It gives you IMAP and POP3 facilities to make email accounts

5. Statics

  • Plesk control panel provides information about how many resources you are using from their panel.
  • You can check the space and RAM that your web hosting is consuming.
  • It gives the information on the remaining and used bandwidth.

6. FTP file transfer through the Plesk control panel

You can easily transfer files from the local computer to the web server through the Plesk control panel although it requires an FTP client, however, the Plesk control panel gives you additional features to make the process simple.

7. Third-party applications installment through Plesk

  • Plesk control panel allows you to install other software that will enhance web hosting services in terms of FTP, email, and DNS.
  • You can update third-party software through the Plesk installer.

8. Security options

  • Plesk control panel provides you with different features like SSL and TLD to strengthen your server security.
  • You can manage the user access to your website.
  • Secure regular Plesk updates.
  • Limit remote and administrative access to the system.
  • Plan preprogrammed updates of WordPress.

9. Backup features

  • It has all backup features. You can back up your files in case of any technical error.
  • You can restore the entire server.
  • You can back up user accounts and subscriptions.

What you can do in the Plesk control panel:

Plesk has many features which made your web hosting a lot simple you can manage your file, backup, and restore the data. Manage your domain name and set up different email addresses. Monitor your website’s databases, manage your inbox, and monitor the space your website is consuming.

It has all the features a good control panel should have to make it different from other control panels it has some additional features to offer like:

1. It works on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

2. Plesk control panel allow your website to run smoothly.

3. It removes common technical errors for better performance of the website.

4. IT administrators got plenty of features with the Plesk control panel like they can manage their accounts.

Web hosting by Plesk control panel

For web hosting, Plesk is an advanced and up-to-date platform. It allows you to manage multiple sites. You can manage multiple sites and monitor their performance.

How to access the Plesk control panel:

Enter https://ipaddress:8443 or into your browser and log in to the Plesk server. After you log in, you will see the menu bar on your main page. Under the section server management, you can monitor your server. In my profile section, you have the authority to change your password, email, address, phone number, company name, and profile picture. In the hosting service section, you can enter your reseller and domain. You can also generate & adjust the service plan.


With the Plesk control panel, you can easily manage your web server with a user-friendly and simpler interface with a number of extensions. Plesk saves your time and makes your daily web server task a lot simpler. You can easily manage multiple sites through a single platform. Reseller plan sells your services to the customer.

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