Softaculous: 8 awesome features of Softaculous

Softaculous is an automated app installer for your website it simplified the process of installing web applications. Softaculous apps can be attained from the administer area of control panels of webs like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, H-Sphere, and InterWorx. It has come up with 381 appreciable scripts and it is working to increase the number. Through their services, they provide regular and automatic updates of installed apps.

8 Awesome features of Softaculous

  • Stunning looks
  • Not only for tech person anyone can use the automated app installer.
  • Wide range of apps.
  • Best ratings and reviews.
  • Multilingual, the scripts are available in 50 different languages.
  • Backup and restore tools are available
  • Scripts are updated on a regular basis.
  • All the desired applications for your web are available.

 Management of WordPress themes and plugins with Softaculous:

The apps installer allows you to manage WordPress themes and plugins while abolishing the need to log in to the admin panel of WordPress.

Why Manage Themes and Plugins from Softaculous?

With every update, there are some new features that create conflict with themes/plugins that make access to the WordPress admin panel difficult.

Certain themes and plugins don’t go well together and create errors on your WordPress that prevent your WordPress from functioning properly. To solve the problem go to Softaculous manager in WordPress and deactivate themes and plugins and then you will be able to access the WordPress admin panel.

Screenshot 1

Use Plugins from by Softaculous

 Step 1:

Log in to your WordPress and go to the “Manage plugin” option and click on the second tab that is “Adds plugins”.

Step 2:

Now, search for the plugin you want in your WordPress and click the “Install” button. After installing it will take a few seconds to get the plugin from the site after getting it, it will activate the plugin.

Screenshot 11

Softaculous on SPanel

 Softaculous is always looking to progress and add new scripts to the previous ones, with this progress it has now available for all the users of SPanel. SPanel is a platform that manages your cloud and enables website owners to use numerous websites on their cloud VPS. There are many benefits of using SPanel It allows you to manage every aspect of web hosting services like database, email accounts, file management, and DNS zones.

Softaculous with cPanel

Softaculous with its features gives you an intimidating graphical interface with different scripts to make the installation process a lot simpler. In web hosting, you need to manage your software regularly. No worries Softaculous got you covered here it will allow you to make the process easier. With some clicks, a web owner can manage their web hosting.

By adding the automated app installer to your web hosting you can increase the services without adding any additional cost to your monthly or yearly web hosting package. With Hostiera you have added Softaculous+ cPanel in your web hosting package starting at $0.63 monthly. Using an automated apps installer to install WordPress In your cPanel, you can find the Softaculous App installer in “Software” or by searching Softaculous.

It has an easy interface and you can customize your setting. With Softaculous installing hundreds of software is just one click away. You can easily install your software from there. You can set up different options like site name and base theme of your choice before installing the software. Adding an automated apps installer to your cPanel is an authoritative addition. It is a powerful tool that improves the management of the server enhances its quality and gives a timely update.

Softaculous applications

 As you know Softaculous is an automated web application installer, you can install highly used CMS such as Joomla or Drupal, WordPress, phpBB, Presta shop, and WHMCS.

How to use Softaculous in cPanel

In our web hosting plan, Softaculous and cPanel are included and you don’t have to pay separately for that. To use it with cPanel you can follow these steps.

Step 1:

First, log in to your cPanel and go to the software section where you will find Softaculous Apps Installer.

Step 2:

Click on the “Softaculous Apps Installer” and the main menu will be opened.

Screenshot 4

Step 3:

After the main menu is opened you can install any script you want like WordPress, SMF, or AbanteCart.

In the top bar, you have different setting options. I’ll go through each of them one by one.

Screenshot 5


After installation, go back to cPanel through the bar at the top.

WordPress Manager:

 It will allow you to check any installations of WordPress.

Scripts in Demo:

Allow you to choose any scripts like WordPress or Joomla.

Scripts Rating:

Here you check script ratings.

All Installation:

 In the All installation menu you have all the information regarding script installation and version and date of installation. Task list: In the task list you can see your current task in progress.

User setting:

Besides the task list a menu “User setting” is present through this menu you can customize themes for your application. You can also select time zone and languages. You can also select backup options for more settings.

Edit setting:

You can click on the Edit setting to explore more options.

Email setting:

 In email settings, you can select which email notification you want to receive. Import installation: This will allow you to import applications.

Help and support:

You can go to the Help and Support menu if you have any queries.

Log out:

If you have done with the installation process you can log out through the last menu from the bar.

Free and premium Softaculous

Softaculous is now available, you can use it with a free license that gives you over 59 scripts. The Premium version of this has 400 plus scripts but who wants to pay for that separately well, in our web hosting plan Softaculous prime version is included. You can install hundreds of scripts in one click.

Final thoughts

Softaculous is the most widely used software installer. It has easy to use interface with various scripts you can easily install CMS applications. It is also perfect for beginners. With this automated apps installer, you can install different software with just one click or by following some easy steps.

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