Top 10 WordPress themes

Top 10 WordPress themes

In this collection of top 10 WordPress themes, you will find themes for business websites, blogs, portfolios, and eCommerce websites. All these themes will upgrade your usual blog to the next level. With over thousands of WordPress themes, it is quite challenging to find the best WordPress theme. By having the right theme you can make a big difference in your management, growth, and future business.

In this pool of best themes, you will get a striking selection of demos, multiple customization features, impressive design, pre-built templates, and different page layout features that will help to grow your website. We often encounter the question by the consumer if there is an individual theme that will suitable for every item and we can easily say that the answer is a big YES.

Themes like OceanWP, Astra, Zita, Hellow Fashion, Blogsy, Olsen light, Zubin, and Hueman are considered the best themes for blogging.

After a lot of research on the top 10 WordPress themes, I narrow down my list into the 10 best WordPress themes.

1. Sydney

Top 10 WordPress themes
Top 10 WordPress themes

Sydney is the best WordPress theme for business websites like finance, podcast, gardening, online shop, etc.

• In the free version you can entree lots of features to create an attractive website.

• In the premium version all the customization features are encompassed like google fonts, parallax background, Elementor box, and many more.

• With the life customizer you can set the theme and build your site as quickly as possible.

• It has a fast loading speed.

• Different features for the header like you can apply static images, sliders, or even videos.

2. Newspaper

Top 10 WordPress themes
Top 10 WordPress themes

This theme is best for articles based on news, travel, food blogs, fashion, and magazines.

  • Hundreds of elements to make the final look of your publishing article finest.
  • It has an easy page builder to grow your site.
  • It has the library known tagDiv that contains several templates that are pre-built.

3. Astra

Top 10 WordPress themes
Top 10 WordPress themes

Astra is well known and most widely used WordPress theme. And you can create any type of website through this theme.

• The best starter templates for the site that are exclusively free.

• You will get above 200 starter templates in the pro version.

• With different styling options and editing options for every page layout you can customize pages for your site easily.

• Now you can easily generate a header footer builder within a week.

· Multiple typography and color options are available.

4. Deep

Top 10 WordPress themes

• Best head and footers than other themes.

• Individual header for a sticky menu.

• It has pre-built headers to create things effortlessly.

• Various options like white labeling and scroll-to-top options are also part of this theme.

• Free themes for bloggers with 50 elements accessible.

• 30 unique style options.

5. OceanWP

Top 10 WordPress themes 1
Top 10 WordPress themes

OceanWP is the next number after Astra in terms of its installation rate and it is the best SEO-friendly theme. You can even access all the eCommerce features through this particular theme.

• Numerous styling options

• Several page layouts and container sizes.

• It also suggests some starter templates for Gutenberg and Elementor.

• It has the fastest loading time and built-in SEO

• It is supported with WooCommerce.

6. GeneratePress

Top 10 WordPress themes
Top 10 WordPress themes

It is an open-source theme which means you can design your website by adding your enter your own coding.

• It is compatible with all page builders.

• It is also supported by WooCommerce.

• It is available in 25 different languages.

• Highly compatible with every plugin and offer the finest performance.

• Work with many renowned page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder.

7. Neve

Top 10 WordPress themes
Top 10 WordPress themes

It is an overall pronounced and best stable theme available out there.

• It comes with 100 free starter templates and header & footer builders.

• It is a responsive theme with various layout styles.

• You can customize your theme element and apply them in the menu or you can even more elements by shrinking the other element.

• You can access the header theme builder in the premium version of Neve, this will allow you to customize different headers and footers for an individual page.

• It is supported by Elementor, Gutenberg, and Brizzy. It is also harmonious with many other popular page builders.

• It is quite a lightweight theme that loads instantly.

8. Suki

Top 10 WordPress themes
Top 10 WordPress themes

Suki is a fast and lightweight theme for your website.

• You can customize your page layout, spacing, color, and typography.

• Supported by several page builders.

• In the header, you can customize the size of every element which is a pretty cool feature.

• In the premium version you have several color-changing options.

• Supported with eCommerce.

9. Divi

Top 10 WordPress themes
Top 10 WordPress themes

It is the best WordPress theme for professionals. It is a responsive WordPress theme which means it will automatically customize your website images and content.

• Without coding you can customize your page layout even the homepage.

• There are 100+ demos to enjoy with an easy starter template.

• It has its own builder that is the Divi builder

• Divi is a suitable choice for eCommerce websites.

• With the drag & drop component allows you to design each page layout.

10. Blogsy

Top 10 WordPress themes
Top 10 WordPress themes

It is the best eCommerce theme. The features in the free version are comprehensive.

• You can customize tags and header.

• Its theme customizer is well organized.

• Incredible theme builder.

• It has exceptional header and footer options for an individual page.

• You can also customize the sticky menu for every page yourself.

• it has an extraordinary drag and drops option.

• Best for eCommerce with numerous features, you can customize different things like sale badges, elements on an individual product, and shop page.

Best free WordPress themes

One thing to know all the WordPress themes are free and have a premium version that offers some bonus features. They’re over 9,000 free WordPress themes available on You can directly access the themes through the admin dashboard. Some of the best free WordPress themes are Zakra, Zeta, Astra, Suki, OceanWP, Phlox, Deep, Newspaper, Cosmos WP, and Blogsy.

Best Elementor themes

Elementor is a renowned plugin for WordPress page builder. There are numerous themes that are specially created for Elementor and Elementor Pro. Like Zakra, OceanWP, Astra, Layers WP, GeneratePress, Hestia, and Hellow Theme all are the best Elementor themes available.

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