What is Softaculous

May 18, 2022

Softaculous is a cPanel and DirectAdmin auto-installer. Unlike other auto installers, Softaculous is considerably quicker, easier to use, and installs all scripts with a single click or in one go. Softaculous uses preset scripts to automate the activation of web apps on a website. Installations begin at the website administration section. Softa-culous installation scripts support a diverse set of web apps. Advert management, blogs, content management, CRM, service and support, retail, ERP, and other categories are available. Softaculous offers 382 scripts and 1115 PHP classes ready for installation. Softaculous also offers a great feature that allows you to backup installations at any moment. Its simplicity makes most WEB HOSTING SERVICE providers prefer Softa-culous for hosting packages.

Simple to use :

It’s simple to use Softaculous to set up software applications for platforms like WordPress and other content managers. It handles the installation procedure, including database creation and digital content permissions. Softaculous in cPanel installs programs straight to your server without using the command line or writing custom scripts. Softaculous is available for free with managed VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting by HOSTIERA. While not all features of Softa-culous are free, the majority of programs are open source and free to use. It costs nothing or very less to the WEB HOSTING SERVICE providers; thus, they offer it for free in their plans. Another function is for controlling your WordPress installation with Softaculous. WordPress Manager allows you to manage your whole WordPress installation through Softaculous from a single application.

Softaculous Preview
what is Softaculous

Functionality features :

Besides various administrative and functionality features, the supplied tools update the WordPress framework, themes, and plugins. After the necessary details on the installation tab for the program in question are filled, installing a web application using Softaculous is a one-click procedure. Softa-culous then automatically manages database settings, access privileges, web server files, and installation. However, this does not imply that Softaculous is simple to install, just like it is simple to use. Softa-culous has undertaken attempts at making its installation as simple as possible. If you’re installing it yourself, a basic understanding of Linux system management will come in handy. Installing Softaculous will be as simple as entering three one-line instructions then. It will be difficult if you have no prior understanding of Linux.

You shouldn’t bother about installation if your WEB HOSTING SERVICE provider currently offers Softa-culous. If that is not the case, you may need their help installing Softa-culous on your cPanel.

Features of Softaculous:

● All your company’s online apps are present in one destination.
● Downloading and uploading zip files without the risk of installation failure saves time.
● Updates are downloaded through the CRON process, which runs on the server automatically; thus, there is no need to maintain the applications.
● It is simple to use, and even non-technical users can use it.
● Saves the translation packages after installing the scripts in over 50 languages.
● Script ratings, reviews, demonstrations, and other information are always updated with the most recent stable versions.
● You can also test changes by cloning a website before publishing them to the live website.

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